Donflexx , Nigeria’s Top Choreographer and currenlty Chief Choreographer for Multi-talented and Award winningMusical Twin Act of International Acclaim – Psquare, founded Extigate Entertainment – a Creative Entertainment Service company to help better serve the commercial world with sophisticated, creative and cutting-edge dance and choreography services as well as artist management and entertainment/events consultancy.

Extigate can provide choreography, dancers and full production services of your dance-based music videos, commercial spots or live performance part of your ad campaign. We offer the full gamut of services in dance and choreography from consulting to production.

> Consulting

> Choreography & Directing

> Casting

> Production

Viral circulation and social networks transformed the industry, and dance communicates something people want to share and be a part of. Seeing real people break into a dance is the new trend and this is exactly what we are good at creating. We can make dancers look like real people and real people dance.

Choreography today is more than just dance steps. It is everything to do with the movement and rhythm of an image. Dance speaks to your core faster than words. On a video screens or on-line, movement has become the most immediate language to deliver a message. Integrating provocative, meaningful and intelligent choreography to great ideas is what we do.

We specialize in the creation and production of choreography that incorporates ordinary situations or people, creates large groups effects, is pedestrian style and accessible to anyone, uses the architecture of a location, integrates choreographed camera movements as part of the dance, is concept based or idea driven, includes the movement of objects, creates movement meaning, interacts with audiences or participants, is performed ‘live’ in unexpected situations or sites, becomes a public event, has random ‘onlookers’, is made for non-dancers, is sophisticated but human and not perfect, looks like it was not choreographed but just happened to be perfectly synchronized this way, has a natural flow.

In addition, we offer artist management services as well as entertainment and events consultancy.

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